USA International Covenant INC Focus on the block chain and seek development

As a new generation of commercial-grade basic block chain, NGK is gradually growing into the leading enterprise in the blockchain industry on the basis of strong technical strength and Daniel team, and the investment agency behind it, Star Alliance Investment Company, is also well-known .

USA International Covenant INC, or UICI Group for short, is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It was founded in 2009 by TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY and DENIEL SOIBIM. Its main business involves regions in Europe and America.

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Since its establishment in 2009, UICI Global Investment Company, with its strong capital strength, senior investment experience and global financing model, has invested in more than 30 countries around the world, touching on financial, medical, real estate, new energy, digital economy, etc. field. After years of rapid development, UICI currently has a total investment of more than 270 high-tech industries, and has operating centers in New York, London, Paris, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places.

For a long time, UICI Group strives to operate in a transparent and cooperative relationship and seeks to cooperate with potential companies. In 2010, the global investment market showed a vigorous development, especially the European market is increasingly attractive to global investors. , UICI decided to turn the company’s business to the global market, and then invested in real estate, wine, new energy and other fields.

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In addition to traditional fields, UICI Group has also been actively seeking its own transformation and constantly strengthening its professional capabilities. Starting in 2018, based on the NGK block chain, UICI Group began to focus on the “blockchain +” layout, and realized the development of multiple business sectors, covering the main business of the blockchain supply chain, as well as blockchain games and blockchain. Financial and other sub-businesses. Since then, UICI Global Investment Company has completed the investment layout of the world’s eight major sectors, covering finance, medical care, winery, real estate, sports, new energy, gaming industry, and digital economy.

On the other hand, with the unremitting efforts of the technical team, the first-generation basic block chain NGK.IO will be tested online in April 2020. NGK.IO will use the application of blockchain technology to create a world-class and free global trading The digital payment system has changed the face of the payment system in the world today, and the future of the NGK block chain needs to be jointly participated by you and me.

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