VAST strikes, making NGK network search volume to surpass ETH!

The Wechat index shows that NGK has surpassed ETH. The NGK search index was 157648 points, a single day increase of 11.95%, while the ETH search index was 115604 points. Even BTC, the blockchain benchmark, is only 171669 points. We can clearly see that NGK’s index greatly surpassed ETH, the gap between the two is more than 40,000 points, while the gap between NGK and BTC is only more than 10,000 points. This is a shocking data.

The NGK ecology is going positive recently, especially the launch of VAST which excites the NGK’s ecological construction participants and its computing power holders. This is because VAST can be regarded as an airdrop candy of the NGK computing power. VAST, as a sub-coin of SPC computing power reward tokens, naturally requires the SPC computing power reward tokens for mining, and naturally, it requires NGK computing power mining to obtain. Thus, the VAST tokens can be regarded as an airdrop candy of NGK computing power.

VAST strikes

The current market value of NGK computing power has reached more than one billion U.S. dollars according to market prices; while NGK computing power will stop selling when it reaches 200 million! At that time, the computing power in the hands of NGK ecological builders will be even more valuable, and NGK computing power alone will be incalculable. Around the year 1350, the Italian Medici family launched credit products, which allowed bankers to make a fortune. Similarly, Bitcoin overturned the existing monetary system and made its inventors and early entrants wealthy. Those who created Bitcoin and made this new currency and system work very well. Now, Bitcoin and various other tokens have become a kind of digital assets that replace gold. On the other hand, the USDN stablecoin has been sold for more than 100 million. It can be said that the NGK ecology is in a good situation under the favorable stimulus of the VAST launch. It is predicted that the unit price of VAST will not be less than US$500 in any case. This means that if an NGK ecological construction participant has 10 VAST, it is equivalent to holding $5,000 in assets.

VAST strikes

Moreover, the parent body of VAST, NGK has obtained three legal qualifications, namely the STO certification, MSB blockchain license, and the SEC regulation. In addition to the support of VAST, the NGK official is launching the NGK Ecological Exchange, which supports a million-level second matching speed, with complete currency, contracts, options, wealth management, etc., providing a safe and timely withdrawals. NGK always insists on putting ecological construction first, and is committed to providing safe, fair, open, and efficient projects for every ecological builder.

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