What are the benefits of gold standard income? NGK gives you the answer!

There is a saying in the cryptocurrency market, “earn coins in the bear market, earn gold in the bull market”. Based on this, we can clearly see the importance of gold standard. It originally refers to the monetary system based on gold, but after several transformations, it turned to the U.S. dollar. Now, under the current era of cryptocurrency, it generally refers to fiat currency.

It is impossible for retail investors in the cryptocurrency market to fight against the risks of cryptocurrency without the large amount of funds from whales, and it is even more difficult to store coins for a long time. Take Bitcoin as an example. It has soared and plummeted by nearly a thousand points. For whales, this may seem like a scratch, but for retail investors, they may lose all their money.

So, for the ecological builders of the NGK blockchain, how to ensure the gold standard income? What benefits will the gold standard income bring to you?

In the NGK blockchain, USDN is the gold standard. For example, when the ecological builder pledges the stablecoin USDN, he can mine the NGK, and the platform will reward the corresponding amount of NGK according to the ecological builder’s income. What does it mean? For example, the current income of the ecological builder is US$100, if the 1 NGK equals to US$1, then the platform will award 100 NGKs to the ecological builder; if the 1 NGK equals to US$5, then the platform will reward the ecological builders 20 NGKs. In short, the ecological builder will receive NGK worth US$100.

One is that ecological builders don’t have to worry about the profit affected by the collapse of the currency price and cause losses; the other is that ecological builders can also enjoy huge mining profits.

At present, NGK tokens are still in the low-price stage, which will help ecological builders to obtain a large amount of bargaining chips. This is because, under the circumstance where income remain unchanged, the higher the NGK price, the less NGK obtained by the ecological builders after pledged mining; conversely, the lower the NGK price, the more NGK obtained by the ecological builders after pledged mining.

In addition, the current market value of NGK is relatively low. From this point of view, NGK has a huge upside potential, and it is especially easy for it to increase several dozen times! For example, the current market value of NGK token is US$100, if there are US$10,000 of funds entering the market, then the market value of NGK token will become US$10,100, which is 100 times. With that, the price of NGK token held by the ecological builders will be increased by 100 times. For the ecological builders who enter the market early, they will definitely gain a lot of profits.

Therefore, it is very advantageous for ecological builders, especially those with small capital, to choose the gold standard income. It allows them to obtain huge benefits while taking small risks. The NGK is the first choice for the gold standard income.

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