What are the problems of traditional blockchain projects could be solved with the rise of NGK Global?

The development of blockchain has been trapped by the currency bubble

Blockchain, as one of the representative of the fourth industrial revolution in human history, is a major breakthrough in information technology that has accelerated mankind after the internet. It has been more than ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto initiated the concept of blockchain in year 2009. We often say that things on the earth, whether created by humans or not, it does not matter is good or bad. However, it is questionable whether the blockchain invented by humans could perform good or not.

What are the problems of traditional blockchain projects could be solved with the rise of NGK Global?

Along with the development of blockchain in the past two years, token has gradually become part of the financial market. On one hand, investors are tired of the old investment market, hoping to become a leader in emerging markets and take a share of success; on the other hand, the immaturity of the market also makes many developers want to take a “shortcut” to make money.

After that, more and more funds flowed into the market and the enthusiastic interest of currency investors once turn the market become in short supply. Then a variety of tokens turned out, the skyrocket in a short period of time is so addictive, but the breaking of most of the token in a short while afterwards is heartbreaking.

NGK Global can bring changes to the blockchain industry

Since most people do not have the patience and ability to distinguish the quality of a project, the current bubble in the currency circle has caused some of the people stay away from it. However, in fact, there are many people who are seriously running the projects. Such as, the “ace” of blockchain project, NGK Global, has applied for the battle in October 2020!

NGK Blockchain

NGK.IO is a decentralized distributed blockchain operating system that uses IPFS top-level distributed storage. Its bottom layer is developed based on a blockchain technology called graphene. Since NGK.IO uses the DPOSS consensus mechanism, there is no need to spend high handling fees when running smart contracts. This is very different from the Ethereum. Due to this, “free use” is likely to become part of the DApps ecosystem which are very attractive to users, and they are also in line with the current internet business model.

In addition, the eight major companies in the NGK ecosystem are very active in their respective fields, and they are also very looking forward to and optimistic about their own development on the NGK blockchain. Many projects are interested in the technology of developing bockchains, and even only make customers interested in the prospects of token appreciation. This actually violates the principle of ecological sustainable development. In theory, this is the similar as the aforementioned theory, earning “quick money”.

NGK Blockchain

NGK.IO is committed in building a strong and sustainable P2P ecosystem, building a decentralized business ecosystem, and by realizing the connection between real-world business and digital assets, using a stable blockchain internet financial system to serve all walks of life in the ecology. This will enable everyone to operate digital economic transactions and industrial circulation in a fair, open, transparent, decentralized and efficient manner.

NGK blockchain