What does the listing of Bitcoin on NGKEX mean for ecological builders?

The NGKEX was launched in early March. Soon, it launched a Bitcoin permanent trading contract with dozen times of leverage. The USDT stablecoin is used as a margin for institutional investors and retail investors.

The NGKEX is a cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in the United States. It has operation centers in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and other countries. The trading volume on the exchange has reached hundreds of millions after it went online, widely used around the world.


The newly launched Bitcoin contract trading by NGKEX does not have a loan interest rate, which has greatly reduced the cost of NGK’s ecological construction participants when participating in the related contract trading. Under normal circumstances, participating in the perpetual contracts requires to pay the loan interest rate occasionally, according to market conditions.

Many trading platforms on the market have launched bitcoin contracts, but due to the recent market volatility, the liquidation of bitcoin contracts is still very high.

The existing contract trading tokens in the NGKEX include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Grapefruit and Litecoin, UNI, etc.


So how to play the cryptocurrency contract trading of NGKEX?

The NGKEX is a token derivative product. The NGK ecological construction participants can choose to buy long or sell short contracts to obtain the benefits of the prices increase or decrease in the NGKEX. Generally, contracts use the mode of differential delivery. When the contract expires, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic average price of the last hour of the index price instead of physical delivery.

In the actual operation of the NGKEX, the NGK ecological construction participants must purchase the contract face value of the currency. The par value of Bitcoin in the NGKEX is generally US$100 per unit, while the others are 10 dollars per unit. The contract types of NGKEX are divided into delivery and perpetual according to time. It will automatically close your position according to the agreed time in the system. Perpetual means that the contract will always exist if the position is not liquidated.


The most important feature of NGKEX contract trading is that it can set leverage. For example, the NGK ecological construction participants have a Bitcoin as a margin and choose a Bitcoin weekly contract leverage of 10 times, then you can open long/short positions worth up to 10 bitcoins.

The listing of Bitcoin on the NGKEX will greatly enhance the influence of NGK, bringing new gameplay to participants in the NGK’s ecological construction, and providing them a unique experience.

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