What is Aircoin, Copycat coin? Is NGK the Aircoin?

4 min readJul 8, 2020


In blockchain circles, digital currency lovers divide all crypto-currencies into four broad categories according to different definitions: mainstream coin, copycat coin, air coin and pyramid coin.

NGK blockchain

1. Mainstream coin

It refers to digital cryptocurrency recognized by the mainstream and has time to apply value, is commonly known to the general public and recognizes its value. The mainstream coin is usually the top 10 market value and has been around for a long time.

The mainstream coin takes the smallest proportion in currencies, and most people in the market now recognize no more than 10 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP and so on.

2. Copycat coin

Copycat coin is the domestic name, foreign countries prefer to call them AltCoin, in fact, copycat coin is not a derogatory term, it refers to BTC as the basis for technological improvement or even innovation of the currency, as a matter of fact, in the early days except BTC, the other mainstream currency is now called copycat coin;

Later, with the development of the whole digital currency, ETH, XRP and other currency technology breakthrough, prices rose before gradually removed the title of copycat coin,

The concept of copycat coin has been indeed vague, at present we are used to all currencies except mainstream coins into copycat coin, of course, this does not include pyramid coin! For example: the market value of 20 to 200 currencies are likely to be what everyone calls copycat coin.

Besides, there are many views hold that the coins that imitate and copy BTC is more appropriate to be called copycat coin, but few agree.

NGK blockchain

3. Air coin

As embodied in the name that it refers to no application scene or application scene cannot implement the currency, in short, except for hype, there is no real value of the currency is air currency. Air coin is characterized by: through the packaging on the tall to carry out publicity, but the actual application of the scene, technical aspects are not clearly depicted, cannot produce the actual interests for the mass;

As an Internet celebrity puts it, 99% of the market’s currencies are “air coin”, which may be exaggerated but not alarmist, even if the market is now in the top 200 air coin;

Although perhaps not every air coin was born to circle money, in order to cut leeks, but also some may really because of their own strength, lack of technology and have to become air coin!

As for the brand new blockchain 3.0 male chain NGK is it air coin? And the answer is obvious, NGK’s not. NGK.IO will build a strong P2P ecosystem and a decentralized business ecosystem. Current digital assets don’t make a real commercial application, NGK.IO hopes that through the digital assets and commercial value docking, to connect all walks of life, token NGK.IO as barrier-free use, with financial payment function that is open, transparent, decentralized. NGK tokens have been applied to eight plate enterprises, which has injected value to NGK tokens, accelerated the circulation of tokens, and increased the use scene of NGK tokens. Users can use NGK tokens to buy goods directly from eight plates. Through cooperation with the eight plates, the potential customers of have been developed and ecological application has been realized.

Meanwhile, NGK issued to regulate private equity through the SEC securities and exchange commission, launched STO through equity mortgages effectively, it is well-known that STO’s way could filter out inferior projects, meaning NGK tokens are subject to SEC regulation and equity endorsement. This is undoubtedly the best response to NGK is the air currency issue, and SEC regulation and equity endorsement have made NGK a securities pass token, making it not just a digital currency, but also a digital economic equity.

NGK blockchain

NGK token, as a barrier-free verification on the NGK.IO platform, combines the powerful offline business application scene with the efficient blockchain Internet finance perfectly, will build a bridge between digital currency and legal currency, provide more efficient and valuable intelligent services for the vast number of users and merchants, and help the card economy leverage the transformation and upgrading of the real industry, and finally make the digital economy serve all walks of life, accelerate the digital economy cycle and industrial circulation.