What is NGK token? Can NGK used to purchase goods?

Everyone in the blockchain industry is familiar with the term token, of course, its professional name is virtual currency, which is often mentioned as token. Token represents digital assets, but not all digital assets contain value. Take bitcoin, ETH as examples, such mainstream currencies with high consensus can be used in a variety of application scenarios, they have superior stability, unlike the instant evaporating and disappearing value of air coins. Such coins have authentic value.

NGK token

Certainly, there are various truly valuable tokens on the market, the content of the white paper is being implemented one after another, the strength of the technical team is also notable, and the developed value tokens have multiple application scenarios. A new ecological blockchain NGK token is run in this way and supported by immense ecology from the issuance to operation.

NGK token, the original token issued by NGK blockchain, with a constant issue of 1 billion and the issue price of $0.0215. 60 million are used for seed funds and unlock address reserve, specifically, 35 million seed funds as development teams to support the long-term development, operation and ecological construction of NGK networks; 10 million for unlocking address reserve and 15 million for super-community start-up plans; and the remaining 940 million NGK tokens are mined in blocks.

NGK token

Does NGK token have any other function than the above allocation? The answer is yes. NGK token, in addition to being convertible for production, can also be used to purchase goods. At present, NGK blockchain integrate eight industries of finance, blockchain, digital economy, new energy, real estate, red wine, biotechnology, sports with NGK token economy model. With blockchain technology, the business of eight sectors is transferred to the chain, where NGK token is the chain token, to buy goods, exchange points, and carry on operations such as financial payment. The accelerated flow of information and capital also gradually realizes business expansion and economic token of the NGK blockchain.

NGK token

Beyond that, NGK token has more functions. They can be bought and sold in the secondary market for block producer block rewards and voting awards, as well as hatching projects. Since the development of the NGK blockchain is based entirely on ecology and community, it greatly increases the value of NGK tokens. As markets spread globally, creating a higher consensus that capacity platforms built through block producer computing power are not sufficient to meet demand for computing power, it is certain to lead to higher NGK prices, which is a cycle. NGK token is not only linked to the platform’s users, communities, enterprises, computing power, enterprises, finance, but also bound to a large ecology. NGK token has now been issued through STO equity certification, and the greater value anchored behind them is economic equity, which constitutes the endorsement of and effective regulation under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for NGK token.

NGK token economy model has been gradually tested by the market, the future ecology and business of the whole project is also in progress. NGK token, speak only with facts, and time is the most powerful proof!

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