What is NGKEX? What makes it comparable to Uniswap?

The blockchain market changes constantly. Maybe the blockchain was popular a while ago, or maybe Dapp, DeFi and DEX were popular. Moreover, new projects are constantly emerging in every field, which may become a hot product that everyone in the industry talks about overnight, and the NGKEX is one of them.

A few days ago, the NGKEX went online. As expected, it has been well received by users and institutions in the blockchain market. Some institutions even threatened to inject many funds into NGKEX to participate in the transactions on NGKEX. There are also many industry experts who are optimistic about the future of NGKEX, believing that NGKEX can be comparable to Uniswap in the future. This is because its frenzy is really unimaginable.


In fact, the enthusiasm of NGKEX has long been foreseen, and its enthusiasm does not erupt overnight. Long before NGKEX was officially launched, the NGK global communities had already made a wave of publicity and promotion for NGKEX. As we all know, the NGK blockchain has very valuable prospects, and its top technology has long been recognized by people outside the industry. Therefore, with the blessing of the NGK blockchain, NGKEX is naturally welcomed by many people.

Having the blessing from NGK blockchain is not enough. The reason why NGKEX can be recognized is due to its core technical advantages.


After continuous technological transformation and innovation, the NGKEX has made a lot of improvements based on the original graphene technology and improved the original throughput. Now the throughput can reach 12,038 transactions per second, leaving the Uniswap based on the Ethereum protocol is far behind. Therefore, compared with Uniswap, NGKEX is more popular with many users in terms of transaction speed.

Secondly, the handling fee of NGKEX has also been recognized by many users. Although Uniswap is in the leading position of DEX, its high handling fee is unbearable for many users with small capital, which also severely limits its future market expansion.

Although Uniswap has many large households, the large number of large households often brings a problem, which is the selling pressure of large households. Once the big players flee collectively, the Uniswap platform will be extremely unstable, and it will even lower the market value of the entire Uniswap.


However, the DPOSS consensus adopted by NGKEX can reduce gas consumption, greatly reduce the user’s transaction fee cost, and save a lot of money for users. From a future point of view, this will be conducive to the expansion of the NGKEX market, which in turn will drive the increase in the overall value of NGKEX.

In addition, NGKEX has also opened the TRC20 channel, which allows users to increase the transfer speed without incurring handling fees. This is the most popular advantage for users.

Therefore, the comprehensive analysis above shows that NGKEX has much more advantages than Uniswap, and its future development space is much larger than Uniswap. Thus, it will be comparable to Uniswap in the future.



NGK blockchain

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