What is the use of USDN stablecoin?

It is renowned that USDN is based on the NGK blockchain issue, is a dollar value anchored 1:1 stablecoin, which can be used for all contracts in the blockchain value reserves and value swaps, so specifically, what is the use of USDN stablecoin? The following is a detailed explanation for you.

Assuming that in the future we want to realize the certification of real estate, art and assets, the high volatility of digital currency is obviously not a good choice, but the price stability is good USDN which provides a choice for the realization of asset certification. Among these transactions, USDN to some extent split the value of physical assets, providing a good investment choice for retail investors with limited economic capacity.

NGK advantages

Tools to hedge counterparty risk

USDN can be used as a security hedge for French currency, which is especially effective in countries with volatile economies. For example, in Venezuela, which currently faces hyperinflation, it is clear that USDN can be used to hedge against the risk of a sharp devaluation of the French currency. Furthermore, when digital currencies grow or fall faster, traders can convert their digital currencies such as Bitcoin into USDN, to hedge extreme market risks.

Settlement of international payments

At present, transnational foreign exchange remittances mainly rely on centralized institutions, such as Paypal and Western Union remittances. At present, the time and payment cost of centralized foreign exchange methods are relatively high. However, USDN remittance could not only realize payment quickly, but also has low fluctuation and high security in purchase and actual transaction, which provides a good choice for many enterprises and workers who need foreign exchange.


NGK blockchain DApps decentralization application

USDN is more stable and practical than applied tokens in decentralized application ecology. Hype tokens usually have large trading volume and large price fluctuations, while USDN with less volatility are more likely to attract external funds to join the ecology and facilitate users to pay and settle accounts. At the same time, it can increase blockchain-based ecological trading volume, achieve win-win results.

It is believed that with the continuous popularization of blockchain technology and the development and perfection of NGK blockchain ecology, the role of stablecoin USDN will be continuously implemented.