What is USDN token? How to get USDN tokens? How to buy USDN tokens?

USDN is created by intelligent contracts of NGK blockchain. It is an algorithmic stablecoin with a price of about $1. When the price is higher than $1, the system will issue USDN, to bondholders to increase the supply of stable coins to equalize the price to $1. When the price of stable coins is less than $1, the system will issue new bonds, buy back from the market USDN, reduce the total amount of USDN circulation. When all the bond vouchers in the market are paid, there is still a need for additional issuance, and the system will reward the holders of the USDN equity index the holders of the USDN equity index according to the intelligent contract. It will be distributed according to the proportion of the holding USDN equity index.

USDN token

There are two main ways to obtain USDN stablecoin, one is to exchange NGK tokens in the platform USDN, the other can be purchased through the NGK trading platform. The following is about how to buy USDN stable coins.

First register NGK digital gain platform, in the registration page, fill in the relevant information according to the requirements, after the registration is completed, you can exchange through 13 different mainstream currencies in the platform exchange page.

After you have finished the operation, click the button to exchange. Then wait patiently for the money. By the time you get here, congratulations, you getting a USDN.

USDN token

USDN is an algorithmic stablecoin, which strengthens the management of currency price in intelligent contract algorithm. USDN as a fund reserve of NGK blockchain, it can be used to support the base NGK token. USDN has purchasing power in the platform. Circulation in the eight plates is undoubtedly a capital blessing. In the future, business closed-loop will be produced with various enterprises.

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